jueves, 6 de septiembre de 2012

Weep for yourself lion man

Weep for yourself lion man
You lost your throne
Your crown fell
You're not the king of hearts you used to be
You are losing grip.

In front of my eyes
You have no courage
Your roaring lost its strength
You lost your voice
Your kingdom in ruins fell.

Your eyes just lead me to mercy
Look down and bury your head
Even if you won't regret
Maybe you will find a pigment of truth
Some piece of shame.

You have forsaken the war
Twice coward
You have lived this before
The beating of your heart is only sound
No echoes 
No more.

Weep for yourself lion man
Your karma is to be forgotten
To forget.

Writing by Andrés Miles © All rights reserved
Spanish Version: Llora por ti mismo hombre león