jueves, 28 de noviembre de 2013

Still alive

He was thinking about the way they will feel upon waking. Thinking of how hard it would be to pretend, thinking of how painful it would be to act as if they meant nothing to each other. Because it will be like being dead when they are still alive.

‘’We must end this, stop feeling this way, because it is our only chance,'' But they did not. He did not do it...  and while he reminds how it was to love him... somehow will always know that he is still alive.

Writing by Andrés Miles © All rights reserved

jueves, 15 de agosto de 2013

The crime scene

I came back at the crime scene
Just to see if I still feel
Focusing on each sore
I find myself in pain 

 Does it hurt?

My heart faster starts to beat
As if trying to escape
Feeling as being driven to hell
Not knowing where to go 
Wanting to go home

We are flesh and bone
An odd blend of love
Love and  hate
Hate and love. 

Doomed to forget. We are in this together but each man kills what he loves. the page remains blank, unfinished, same as the previous one... 

Writing by Andrés Miles © All rights reserved